Friday, August 12, 2011

I Love Free!!!

Doing genealogy utilizing the latest technology is just awesome. Being able to do it with a multitude of resources that are free is even better.

The FamilySearch website, a website of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, now has a new great offering for genealogists. They are providing over 100 research courses available on their site for free, ranging from beginning genealogy basics, to area-specific research helps, to advanced research principles and tools.

Of course, there are tips and free courses for beginning family history enthusiasts all over the web, but many of these on the FamilySearch site are actual videos to walk you through the steps visually. Most courses also have downloadable course handouts in PDF format. You've got to love the easiness of that!

The research courses are available by going to, or you can go to, click on the "Learn" tab, and then click on "Research Courses."

Of course, these courses are only an added benefit in addition to the Research Wiki that FamilySearch also has in place now. This free wiki now contains over 60,000+ articles on research information, useful tips, how-tos, etc. Again, you can get to the Research Wiki by clicking on the "Learn" tab and then "Research Wiki." Or you can go directly to the URL at

Thanks to FamilySearch for making these tools available to us for free! It is certainly more valuable than the hats you get for signing up for airline rewards or the pens you get for opening a new bank account. Of course, if you collect cheap hats or pens, you're free to disagree with me...

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