Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rebels With a Cause

In case you missed it, Season 3 of NBC's Who Do You Think You Are? premiered again on Friday, February 3rd. Honestly, I'm more excited for this show than anything else on television right now. (Sorry, all you Idol fans...)

Martin Sheen was the first celebrity to trace his roots, and it was interesting to watch him discover two uncles, one on the maternal side and one on the paternal side, who both were involved in the civil wars of their respective homelands. He seemed to really connect with their stories because he's been an activist of several causes important to him.

It is amazing what we can discover when we research where we came from and what our ancestors were really like. It can help us see where the ideals we were taught as children really originated.

There are a lot more celebrities scheduled for this season, including Marisa Tomei, Helen Hunt, Reba McEntire, Blair Underwood, Jerome Bettis, Rita Wilson, Paula Deen, Edie Falco, Rob Lowe, and Rashida Jones.

It never hurts, either, that this show tends to inspire a whole new group of people to start researching their ancestry.

Hurray to NBC and Ancestry.com for bringing this uplifting show back again this season!

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