Friday, May 18, 2012

Calling All Programmers...

This is my SOS to any software developer that needs a great idea for a free-lance project. How about genealogy software for the Mac?

Yes, I realize that there are software programs out there; however, there aren't any that fit a huge chunk of the Mac portion of the genealogy market. How so, you ask? Well.......since you asked.

More and more genealogists (especially those of us Gen X'ers or younger) are already on or are moving to the Apple side of the force. Many genealogists looking for Mac software are also LDS. These are the users that don't have anything currently that fits all of their needs.

I use a decent genealogy software called Reunion. It's the best I've found for Mac without resorting to Parallels or BootCamp and running a Windows package. Reunion has great charts and reports capability. I love the functionality, for the most part. However, if anyone were to come out with a Mac program that really addressed the LDS user's needs, such as integration with newFamilySearch, for example, better LDS reports (like missing ordinances), and better overall LDS features (like updates with new temple codes occasionally); and say, also, that said program also included a nice, clean GUI to boot, well, I'd be a loyal customer for life. And I know many others who have visited my blog and asked about Mac software who would join the ranks, as well.

Yes, I am a programmer. Yes, potentially, I could do it, and I have thought about it. It certainly has the potential to be an extremely profitable project. However, my main job at this point in my life is as a mom to a household of kids, so I don't have the wherewithal anymore to stay up until 4:00am banging my head against the computer over a programming brick-wall that would be fixed with 10 minutes of sleep and a clearer head. (And inevitably, would end up being a missing > somewhere in the hundreds of lines of code.)

So, red stapler-owning, late-night loving, Homestar Runner-watching, geeks everywhere! Please, please, please. I am pleading for you to take up the gauntlet that I have just thrown down. And if you need help with QA from your target user, I'm sure I can find the time for that between homework marathon sessions, loads of laundry, and cooking yet another meal that little people don't even taste as they swallow it whole. In all seriousness, I would love to contribute ideas and suggestions for Mac software (LDS-focused) for anyone looking to build it. And I might even be willing to throw in a plate of homemade brownies, besides, which is nothing to sneeze at because, hey, those brownies can make my kids grow halos at the drop of a hat!