Thursday, April 30, 2015

Multilingual Slacker

I have been neck-deep in my own family history research lately. As I continue to try and break through some brick walls and extend my research, I hope to share more of the process with you.

This post, however, is purely for fun. I was doing some descendancy research (down lines, finding "cousins", or any of the other names given to this particular family history work). I had been researching a line with the surname of Colescott, mainly in Indiana. On, I came across some newspaper articles that mentioned Colescotts in the area I was digging. From the Cambridge City Tribune, in Cambridge City, Indiana, I found this gem from February 6, 1873, sandwiched between the local news of a fox hunt and a building fire.

Some things never change. Once a mother, always a mother. And apparently, living in your mother's basement was frowned upon back then, too. I have to say though, I'm impressed with his obvious linguistic abilities. Here's to hoping he eventually moved out of mom's basement and became a successful translator for foreign diplomats. Since his mother was nice enough to keep him anonymous in this ad-ver-tiz-ment (read with a British accent), I guess we'll never know.

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Anonymous said...

That made me smile. I have a son in my basement. He does none of those things, fortunately, and actually pays rent. =) I found your blog because of the post on genealogy in 2009.